Frequently Asked Questions



What makes ASKYN special?

In Germany, we are the first and only skin care brand that focuses on athletes and their special needs for skin care.

As an active athlete, why would I rely on ASKYN products?

Physical exertion opens up the pores of our skin so that good but also harmful substances can get deep into the skin. Therefore, it is necessary for athletes to only use high-quality skin care. A lot of established skin care products use recipes with questionable ingredients which have not been changed for years. In contrast, we rely on active natural ingredients with proven positive features and noticeable effects for athletes and don't use harmful substances at all.

Why do athletes need other skin care products than non-athletes?
The skin of athletes is exposed to special strains:
  • Minerals of the skin are lost when sweating: our products offer the right care through which valuable ingredients are directly and effectively absorbed again through the skin.
  • Free radicals are natural metabolic products which are created through physical exertion and which lead to premature skin aging: Our products, especially our regenerating facial crème, consist of ingredients with a high amount of antioxidants, which slow down premature skin aging.
  • Frequent showering can dry out your skin, since water washes off the natural lipid layer of the skin: our products have a strong moisturizing and nourishing effect.
  • Bacterial pathogens on fitness equipment, dumbbells or in boxing gloves: Our hygienic hand crème contains ingredients with antibacterial features and moisturizes at the same time and nourishes and calms down strained hands.
How do ASKYN products help athletes?

In order to reach goals, athletes need to be focused and confident. Distractions from dry skin, skin irritations or even illnesses because of bacterial pathogens prevent athletes from focusing or exercising. Our formulas aim at these problems that are related to sports.

Moreover, our products provide your skin with vitamins and minerals, which got lost via sweating and prevent sports-related skin aging.

Are ASKYN products only for (pro) athletes?

ASKYN products are tailored to the special needs of athletes but can also be used by non-athletes. The products are suitable for every skin type and dermatologically tested.

Am I only allowed to use ASKYN products on the days I train?

No, our skin care products have been developed for athletes and are ideal for after sports but can also be used at every time and on every day.

Can ASKYN products cause allergies?

Our products have been dermatologically tested and have proven to be very skin-friendly. In general, every cosmetic product can cause allergies. However, we take care to not use substances in our products which cause allergies most frequently.


Are ASKYN products tested on animals?

No. None of our products are tested on animals. Our products only contain harmless ingredients and are first tested in a laboratory and then on a group of voluntary test persons to test the actual dermatologic effect.

Are ASKYN products sustainable?

We rely on vegan and sustainable ingredients. Even for our packaging we pay attention to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Why does ASKYN use plastic packaging?

It is our goal to use as little plastic as possible. However, a glass packaging is not practical and potentially dangerous for sports products. In order to reduce our global footprint, we use tubes which are mostly made of eco-polyethylene, which is produced from renewable sugar cane. Sugar cane binds CO² from the atmosphere already when growing.

Is ASKYN packaging sustainable?

Our plastic tubes consist mostly of eco-polyethylene, which is produced from renewable sugar cane. Apart from that, our paper packaging is certified with the FSC seal, which guarantees that the raw material is coming from sustainable and renewable forestry.

Why are there only three products?

Products with high quality need time for research and development. We consistently work on expanding our existing product range and are looking forward to be able to offer you more ASKN products soon.

Are ASKYN products dermatologically tested?

We are proud to be able to say that all of our products are not only dermatologically tested but also have been rated with the grade "good" or "very good".

Can minerals be absorbed via the skin?

In some cases, minerals can even be transported better into cells, blood, lymph, tissue and bone if they are applied on the skin instead of taking them in via food.